Because China

Quartz recently launched a paywalled series called Because China. It takes a deeper look at how small changes in this superpower have large effects worldwide. My team travels around the world to find stories about how things like technology, manufacturing, and global tourism are changing.


I served as both art director and animator and worked closely with our video editor and shooters to create a distinct look.

With my animation I wanted to have a very deliberate color palette that uses only white and grey backgrounds but packs an almost neon punch. It’s both restrained and exuberant and manages to be fun without taking away from the sometimes very serious subject matter.

With footage, I wanted the video to feel both modern and distinct, so we used a custom LUT that tints all of our footage slightly blue, and use glitch effects and analog TV static as transitions


I took a lot of inspiration from sneaker ads. There seems to be a retro-futurism trend happening where brands mix old technology things like film strips and static with thoroughly modern quick cuts and bold type.

Facebook News Show Pilot


Quartz is launching a Facebook news show in July and I am serving as its art director. Here are some selected pages from the pitch deck that I designed. It provides a preview of the overall art direction of the series. It's bold and modern, but also has a sense of humor and a bit of quirkiness. The colors reflect Quartz' established palette and uses the more saturated colors. The intense blues and pinks will catch the eye of even the most apathetic Facebook scrollers.


One of the more fun elements of the overall creative direction are the props. I thought that bobbleheads would be a nice, physical touch that would serve as a bridge between shot footage and graphics produced in post. They also add a bit of levity to the very serious subjects that Quartz will be tackling. My colleague Michael Tabb modeled them in Cinema 4D, then 3D-printed, sanded and painted them.


This is the original concept, and while it could use some fine tuning, it captures the spirit of the show that Quartz will create. A more refined version is launching on July 19th.